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Nordic Tuning USA

Since its inception, Nordic pioneered Saab Tuning and has taken their products and customers very seriously. Thanks to carefully selected partners, we can offer what we think is best for your car.
We are a manufacturing based company in which “hands on” -tuning is out highest priority. Leave your car for us, and bring back the ready!
Nordic brings to market a complete range of aftermarket conversions for renewable fuels and naturally the performance enhancing products give us a leading position within Saab Tuning.
With us you get a highly personal approach where we put the customer first.
All concepts we provide, we have developed ourselves.
In  this work, we have greatly benefited from over 30 years with Saab, both as technicians and racing drivers. Many of the details are a direct result of our experience from racetracks around the world.
Nordic raises the overall experience and the pleasure of driving and at the same time help improve the environment. With a Nordic system in your car, you get a totally unique car that outperforms virtually all in the same price range, both in terms of strength, security and environmental impact.

Please contact us for all tunes above Stage 3!